A Two-Week Journey to China with the ACSF 2015

A Two-Week Journey to China with the ACSF 2015

A large group of 19 La Trobe University students recently finished their two-week journey to Chongqing—one of the four municipalities in China—for the ACSF 2015, or the Australia-China Student Forum. They returned to Melbourne in early December last year with a mindful knowledge of Chinese culture that they are eager to share with their friends and families. This was the fourth year that the Confucius Institute has organised this forum with the support of the Chinese Program of School of Asian Studies.

The aim of ACSF is to create an intercultural platform for the youth of Australia and China and enhance cultural diversity awareness and to develop cohesive students’ understanding. So far, approximately 100 La Trobe students have been sent to Chongqing through this forum.

This forum has provided an excellent platform for the students of the two universities to exchange ideas.
— Associate Professor Jing Li, Chongqing University.

The theme of the ACSF 2015 was “Multiculturalism – Cross-checking Australia and China Cases”. Together, students from both La Trobe and Chongqing University explored a wide range of significant issues currently affecting both Australia and China through a series of academic activities and had a very interesting debate on the Forum day.

The Australian students were accompanied by Chinese student buddies during their tour. As part of the cultural activities of the tour, the group explored the mountain city of Chongqing, visited the Dazu World Heritage Site, and enjoyed the Dongquan Hot Springs.


This program has received strong support from the senior management of the two universities, as well as the Consulate-General of Australian Consulate-General Chengdu, making the continuation of this forum possible.

Chongqing is a city with 3,000 years’ of history and it is the economic and financial centre of West China. Chongqing University is one of the top universities in China within the framework of the State 211 Project and 985 Project. We welcome more students from Australia visit this beautiful city and study at Chongqing University.
— Associate Professor Jing Li, Chongqing University.

Feedback on the ACSF 2015

The feedback of the ACSF 2015 has been very positive and this has delighted everyone at the Confucius Institute! There’s nothing we love more than hearing our students had a great experience and knowing that all of our hard work paid off.

Nearly all of the participants commented that it was an amazing experience and changed their views towards China as a country and its rich culture.

One student said:

It’s a beautiful first experience of the spirit of China.

Another student advised:

I will keep up my Chinese language study and will certainly go back to Chongqing in the future.

Photos from ACSF 2015