A Sense of Humour is a Wonderful Thing .. Bwahaha!

A Sense of Humour is a Wonderful Thing .. Bwahaha!


Smack me hard and call me daisy! The annual International Comedy Festival sent Melbournian’s laughing their heads off starting from 23rd March to 17th April 2016. Who doesn’t love their funny bones to be tickled silly? I know I do! Laughter is after all, the best medicine.

Do Chinese have a sense of humour? Of course we do!


In the spirit of the comedy fest, allow me to share with you a little Chinese rap-poem I wrote not too long ago just to prove the point (No rotten eggs thrown if you find it totally stale! I do try!). Inspired from one of THE greatest comic artist in the world … Oatmeal the comic (everyone please bow down and kiss the ground for 5 seconds as a mark of respect). The Oatmeal, though funny, loves to be revered. Are you bowing down yet?! I can see youuuuuu….. `O^O’

Jade: Hey girlfriend, whaddup?

Teak: Nothin much, just hanging here by the lotus pond. How’s your week been?

Jade: Been hipster cool. Saturday was the Raise the Red Lantern carnival. Omaigawd i just lurve all those bright red lanterns, don’t you? Sunday hopped on the Chungking Express to visit my mama in ma hood. It’s Mother’s Day you know so a girl gotto pay her respects.

Teak: I hear ya my sister from another momma. Your momma is so fine that’s why your daddy keep her all to himself yo.

Jade: Word.

Teak: Well I wanna check out that new bar In the Mood for Love beside the Forbidden City. You wanna head on over together?

Jade: Awesome possum! I hear they mix a really nifty Sexy Suzy drink there, and their Chopsuey is just outta this world!

Teak: Smack me hard and call me Daisy. Count me in.

Jade: Cool bananas. We go there this Friday, aight? TGIF! Get your Little Black Qipao ready to paint the town red!

Teak: And I’m gonna wear my finest string of barouque pearls and jade bling blings and show em how it’s done!

Jade: I’m gonna flash my ginormous jade bangle with my pearl studded dress yo! You wait and see girl….gonna make Empress Dow cry, lol.

Teak: Lust. Caution. Careful there sister.

Jade: Ooooo you are right darl. My mouth is too quick at times.

Teak: I still love ya, and that’s for real. Sisters for life, chopsticks and Harlem Shake til we die.

Jade: Oh sister you so fine!

Teak: Farewell my concubine! Friday y’all.

Jade: Friday y’all!

*All conversations and characters are completely fictitious and created purely for satirical purposes.

That’s the beauty of the written word. It is flexible and versatile and an utterly formless medium where the author has total control of he/she wants to make of it. A collection of short stories? Thriller? Fantasy epic? Funny satire? There are NO holds barred and your imagination is the only limit!

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Leading Image: Flickr.