Translation Services for Spatial Vision

Translation Services for Spatial Vision

The Client — Spatial Vision

Spatial Vision are a leading specialist in information and spatial technologies. They specialise in integrating geographic and organisational data, and provide business systems, advanced spatial analyses, reliable planning systems and practical mapping applications to address some of the country’s most pressing environmental, economic and resource issues.


Spatial Vision identified an absence of Chinese language maps in the Australian market that could support tourists, businesses and Governments alike. Spatial Vision did have the in-house capacity to do an initial translation, however our translation services were engaged to perform a quality review to confirm the translation of the Australian place names.

The Result

The final map was launched in August 2015 at the International Map Industry Association Asia Pacific Conference in Melbourne. It is now an essential part in Australian tourism and the bilateral relations of Australia and China. During 2014, the number of outbound Chinese tourists is estimated to exceed over 100 million, a number forecast to rise to 400 million over the next five years.

An Australian-made Chinese language Map of Australia has been released.

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