Translation Services for EMU Australia

Translation Services for EMU Australia

The Client — EMU Australia

EMU Australia produce quality refined footwear with all natural materials. They invest heavily in innovation and design where they embrace natural materials, craftsmanship and quality, to create world-leading footwear.

EMU is pronounced ‘eem-you’ and is Australia’s national bird. Emus stand tall and proud, they move forward at vast speed and don’t take a backward step. They’re resourceful, exceptionally fast, and can survive on little food and water in the desert. This company choose EMU as their brand name to reflect their values.


EMU Australia contacted us regarding our translation services with a requirement for developing their online shopping product pages for the China and Hong Kong markets. The update to their company’s website formed part of EMU’s broader global e-commerce strategy.


The Result

The EMU Australia website defaults to a language based on your geo-location. If you change the region in the top right hand corner to “China“, each product on the website has our translations.

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