Chinese Lunar New Year 2016 Came and Went!

Chinese Lunar New Year 2016 Came and Went!

Chinese Lunar New Year 2016 in Preston

All of us here at the Confucius Institute were pretty exhausted after the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration that was held in Preston Market and down on the corner of High Street and Gower Street on Saturday 13th March. It was a fairly early start to the seasonably warm day, but people were out in large numbers in Preston Market ready to be entertained.

The day was bustling full of people and activities as you can see by the photos below. Everything from the JMC dancing and Fu Wa dancing girls, high stilt performances, Kung Fu shows, an awesome Chinese rock band, Lion Dances, Dragon performances, and costume shows. We also had face and mask painting, which was popular with the kids, and the plate spinning challenge.

We hope that the event was enjoyable for everyone who attended, and that it created more enthusiasm to experience the tradition of the Spring Festival and other aspects of Chinese culture.

Thank you to everyone who came out on the day, and to all of the volunteers and staff members who made this event possible.

This community event was organised in conjunction with our partners Preston Central and Preston Market.