Cultural Activities
Join us in celebrating Chinese culture

Wedge Park Primary School Chinese Cultural Day

0 Wedge Park Primary School welcomed us with open arms today as we provided a fun and educational Chinese cultural day on location in West Melton. It was in fact the very first Chinese cultural day for these bright kids, which aligns as a perfect complimentary festival for their regular…

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The 2016 Chinese Cultural Day in the Agora

1 The 2016 Chinese Cultural Day Come join us at the La Trobe Agora on Thursday May 19th for a fun-filled few hours and enjoy some FREE FOOD! There will be heaps of performances in the first hour including Kung Fu, cosplay, classic and modern dances, as well as activities…

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The 2016 Chinese Proficiency Competition

2 Want to see the masters in action? The Chinese Proficiency Competition for Foreign College Students, or the “Chinese Bridge” as it’s widely known, is having its 15th event this year and the preliminary round is being hosted by the Confucius Institute at La Trobe University on Saturday the 21st of May…

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